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SteelWorks©... Simply the easiest way to implement BES 5

To achieve and maintain the ultimate in performance, you need precisely matched tools, at exactly the right time. That’s why SteelCloud engineers created the Steelworks BlackBerry® Appliance. The hardware platform has been carefully selected, rigorously tested and field-proven as the ideal BlackBerry® server. Research In Motion’s (RIM) latest software is meticulously pre-installed, tested and ready for plug & play deployment. And SteelWork’s software suite makes deployment simple.

Plug & Play Simplicity

All Software has been pre-installed on industry leading server appliance solutions. SteelWorks©Transporter+™ and Install Wizard can have you installed and up and running in...


High Availability

Reliability is built into SteelWorks©EverAvail™. Automated failover with advanced “self-healing” requires only two appliances–and, it’s built-in at no additional charge...


Disaster Recovery

SteelWorks© EverAvail™ includes advanced, automated, and scheduled back-up and comprehensive recovery capabilities to help you exceed the most rigorous disaster recovery...


Patch Management

SteelWorks© provides a unique real-time “snapshot” back-up capability to facilitate Windows and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server patching/testing with back-up and recovery to...