Welcome to SteelCloud’s ConfigOS demonstration for the STIG remediation of disconnected infrastructures.  This video demonstration will show the simplicity of automating STIG policy remediation for Linux and Windows in every environment.  ConfigOS is not a simple scanner that tells what you’ve done wrong (such as ACAS/Nessus, SCAP, Retina et al), but rather a complete remediation solution that changes everything about how you harden systems and stay in compliance.  Simply click here to see the remarkable simplicity of STIG remediation, capturing the exact steps and timing to remediate 100s STIG controls using live software in a live operating environment. You’ll see just how simple it is to support STIG-compliant labs and disconnected networks!

From this video you’ll get a real sense of SteelCloud’s years of pedigree for productizing STIGs, building on our tremendous experience with the DoD and its mission partners around the world.  More importantly, you’ll see how compelling ConfigOS is setting up new disconnected environments and maintaining STIG compliance on specialized systems and labs.  This demonstration shows multiple complex STIG remediations and the simplicity of ConfigOS’s built-in rollback capability. 

With ConfigOS, you will have tangible results the very first day!

ConfigOS requires:

  • No DoD or Internet network access
  • No database or other infrastructure resources
  • Will run in a domain or non-domain environment
  • Remediation can be performed on individual systems

Additionally, ConfigOS revolutionizes hardening environments around applications - fully documenting security policy and delivering a secure signature for the user to replicate those policies to other environments. ConfigOS reduces the hardening time/cost by over 90% and the ongoing STIG maintenance cost by 70%.

Enjoy this video and then simply call us 703-674-5500 (or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to learn about options for bringing ConfigOS for Linux or Windows into your environment – and change forever the way you STIG and stay STIG’d!