ConfigOS - A Clientless Solution Providing Dramatic Results - Quickly!

ConfigOS is one of the simplest technologies that an enterprise will every implement. But, the results are huge – reducing the time to harden the first image by over 90% and reducing ongoing remediation and compliance costs by 70%.

ConfigOS installs in under a minute and requires no changes to the customer infrastructure, networks, security, or policies. ConfigOS remediates Windows and Linux systems without the need to load and software on the endpoints and a single instance is capable of remediating tens of thousands of systems per day.

But, a picture is worth a thousand words and we want to make it easy to visualize the power of ConfigOS. Please take a few minutes to review our latest live product demonstration videos.


(click on image to view demonstration video)


Windows 10 AWS

AWS 500 Server

Linux STIG Remediation

Windows STIG Remediation

Automating STIG Remediation for Disconnected Networks