Welcome to SteelCloud’s Windows 10 STIG remediation demonstration. This video demonstrates how fast and easy our patented compliance tool, ConfigOS, can remediate a Windows 10 system to the newest DISA STIG in just 60 seconds. And, not only will ConfigOS remediate the hundreds of STIG control in the Windows 10 operating system, but ConfigOS also addresses the hundreds of additional controls required for Microsoft Office, .NET, Internet Explorer, and the Windows Firewall.

ConfigOS was enhanced to encompass Windows 10 remediation in order to help accelerate the government’s upgrade to this critical new operating system. Once in production, ConfigOS will allow our clients to remediate every endpoint every day, if they wish, in order to eliminate any possible “drift.”

SteelCloud’s unique symmetrical remediation processing allows ConfigOS to maintain the remediation of 1,000-3,000 systems per hour from a single instance of ConfigOS. Most importantly, using a clientless architecture, ConfigOS perform its duties without loading any software on the target endpoints. Not only can ConfigOS scan and remediate individually identified systems across networks, enclaves, subnets, and VPCs, but it can accomplish its mission with a mix of operating systems and benchmark signatures, including STIG, CIS, and custom. ConfigOS creates an almost imperceptible amount of network traffic and requires no database servers, no web servers or any changes in infrastructure or security.

To get a better understanding of how and why SteelCloud’s patented remediation technology is revolutionizing STIG compliance, check out our web site and our other video demonstrations.

Enjoy this video and then simply contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn about options for bringing ConfigOS for Windows or Linux into your environment – and change forever the way you STIG and stay STIG’d!