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  • 5 Reasons Technology Vendors use ConfigOS for STIG Compliance

    How to add more VALUE to your Solutions to the Government for STIG Compliance

    1. STIG/CIS automation creates trouble free implementation
    for Government customers
    2. Faster installs, faster ATO’s, and faster references…
    3. Dramatically cut the Federal Cost of Ownership of your product in Federal
    agencies, without reducing your price
    4. Improve your Unique Value Proposition over competitors in your market
    5. Win more Government sales and secure more channel partners to accelerate
    Federal market growth

    Changing EVERYTHING you thought you knew about STIG & CIS Compliance

    ConfigOS is a critical software tool to help you sell and support your technology in Government environments

    ConfigOS simplifies developing, deploying, and supporting applications in a security-compliant environment and hardens STIG & CIS controls around your application in 60 minutes! Amazingly this software tool requires no clients/agents, databases or webservers. ConfigOS automates integration with every Government IA systems and is implemented throughout the DoD and Civilian agencies in classified and unclassified, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

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