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5 Resolutions to Simplify Compliance

December 31, 2022

2023 Compliance Resolutions.

Happy New Year! We wanted to start the year by sharing some Compliance Resolutions to consider for 2023.

  1. Find ways to do more without more. An evolving threat landscape, changes in regulatory requirements, increases in cyber insurance are among the leading factors that will impact this year’s security budget.
  2. Reduce cyber security events by applying Quality Management System techniques to cyber activities. Strive to identify and eliminate the root causes of cyber incidents.
  3. Look for intersections. Major initiatives such as SBOM, Zero Trust, and secure supply chain have interrelated aspects. Identify interrelated issues to fix two or three problems across your cyber initiatives.
  4. Focus on automation. The last 18 months of inflation and staff shortages have taught us that optimizing staff resources with automation is critical to accomplishing the mission with the budget you have. Look for tools that increase consistency, reduce labor effort, and reduce the requirement for hard-to-find specialized staff.
  5. Balance your priorities. We all know the push and pull of cyber priorities so, be realistic and look for aspects you can accomplish in parallel.


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