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Your secrets are safe with ConfigOS

SteelCloud’s ConfigOS automates cybersecurity and STIG/CIS policy compliance in even the most sensitive and complex environments. Because it operates without the requirement for the internet, domain controllers, or Active Directory, it is perfect for secure operation in air-gapped labs. With its advanced rollback capability and small footprint, ConfigOS easily supports multiple concurrent projects with a minimum amount of lab resources.

Ultimately, air-gapping machines should be considered a viable solution for sensitive data that doesn’t need to be accessed over a network. By simply implementing ConfigOS software you can avoid your data getting into the wrong hands. After all, even the best IT staff can become complacent or miss a configuration option. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that your air-gapped machine is one USB drive from being compromised.

ConfigOS was developed from the ground up to address the unique complexities of defense IT environments. It has been widely implemented throughout the Department of Defense in every imaginable environment. It has also been used by all the major federal IT integrators to support critical government programs. ConfigOS reduces days and weeks of manual hardening time down to one hour, saving 90% of the effort it takes to achieve ATO. No other cybersecurity automation solution is as proven and widely implemented as ConfigOS.

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Be Cybersecure
ConfigOS Automates Compliance
ConfigOS pays for itself from its first use.
It’s a no-brainer!

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