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ConfigOS operates without the requirement for the internet, domain controllers, or Active Directory in Air-Gapped Labs.  Therefore, the ConfigOS software is a great fit for any type of lab environment.  With its advanced rollback capability and small footprint, ConfigOS easily supports multiple concurrent projects with a minimum amount of lab resources.

Many users and companies assume their networks and servers are secure. Why? Because they pay staff to ensure that protection.

But even the best IT staff can become complacent, miss a configuration option, or be completely unaware of a next-level hack such as these proof-of-concept air-gap hacks. But is not beyond the realm of possibility that your air-gapped machine is one USB drive from being compromised.

Ultimately, air-gapping machines should be considered a viable solution for sensitive data that doesn’t need to be accessed over a network. By simply implementing ConfigOS software you can avoid your data getting into the wrong hands.

Air-Gapped Labs