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ConfigOS is what makes your CDM program practical and possible

Just as quickly as we have adopted the DHS’s continuous diagnostics and mitigation approach, our adversaries are finding ways to thwart it. With the uptick of telework during and since COVID-19, agencies must quickly evolve to protect the vital cloud and mobile environments that make Federal work-from-home possible. Then they need to keep them that way by scanning for issues 24/7 and mitigating them to avoid compliance drift.

Automation is what makes CDM feasible and practical for agencies to adopt. It improves response times and efficiency, while reducing to pressure of continuous action for your workforce. SteelCloud’s ConfigOS, a member of the government’s CDM approved provider list (APL), is proven by most of the DoD and all the top federal integrators to maintain secure baselines with tireless effort.

Leveraging cloud computing offers increased scalability, agility and modernization to the mix. And zero trust increases system vigilance. But only automation can deliver that secure baseline—and keep it that way—without requiring an army of specialists to make it happen. With the pace at which our cyber-adversaries are progressing, automation is the secret sauce that makes effective cybersecurity happen.

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