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SteelCloud embarks on a mission with Veterans Moving Forward partnership

SteelCloud em“barks” on a mission to serve veterans.

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In partnership with Veterans Moving Forward, SteelCloud is giving a new “leash” on life to veterans in need. VMF trains and provides service dogs to veterans free of charge.

Just because a body is healed doesn’t mean the soldier is healed. Each year, 8,000 veterans take their own lives—that’s approximately 22 each day. Between 2000 and 2018, 283,947 veterans suffered traumatic brain injuries. The statistics are heartbreaking. VMF’s service dogs ease the lives of veterans by monitoring medical conditions, fetching medications, reducing anxiety, as well as helping them overcome physical challenges like mobility and balance.

Training begins when a pup is just eight weeks old and is tailored to specific needs. The dog is ready for service at 18 months to two years of age. SteelCloud is sponsoring the two-year training of a service dog, from naming to deployment.

VMF names their service animals after a veteran namesake. As we considered whom we would name our dog after, we discovered a World War II Army veteran named Stan Friday whose story is heroic. As an Army scout, he went far ahead of the rest after D-Day to scope out danger, and witnessed two Nazi concentration camps before they were liberated.

Stan’s story was incredible, and it really aligned well with the fact that we launched an automation bot personality on our website and social media channels in the past year named “Stan the STIG Man”. It felt like the perfect reason to name our dog Stan and give more attention to the veteran Stan Friday’s story.