ConfigOS - Automated STIGs Software I Remediation I Compliance



ConfigOS is SteelCloud’s patented software suite that allows anyone to quickly establish a STIG (Security Technical Information Guide) and/or CIS (Center for Information Security) – cybersecurity compliant environment. Our patented software is a complete solution offering scanning, remediation, compliance reporting, and external interfaces to other tools. ConfigOS incorporates both policy content and policy remediation automation for Windows Workstation, Windows Server, and Linux. Our patented software was designed to allow a user to easily adjust policies to address waivers and comply with unique requirements.

SteelCloud LLC recently announced they have released its much anticipated ConfigOS Command Center, the newest, ground-breaking version of its patented STIG remediation and automated Risk Managment Framework / RMF readiness software. ConfigOS Command Center is an automation game-changer for anyone faced with RMF, NIST 800-171, or production STIGs compliance requirements. We really focused on expanding our support for auditing, compliance reporting, enterprise-wide remediation capabilities, and interfaces to other technologies with our additional innovation improvements around every aspect of ConfigOS.  This year we are highlighting our new breakthrough technology – GPO Conflict Resolution, where ConfigOS arbitrates local and group policy so they coexist to properly protect our nation’s critical networks

SteelCloud’s specialized software has been used in every possible IT infrastructure including classified, tactical, cloud, and weapon system environments. Eight out of the top ten federal integrators, major civilian and intelligence agencies and technology vendors utilize our product to deliver the STIG and CIS-compliant solutions to their customers.  No matter whether you have a handful of systems or thousands of endpoints, ConfigOS is a perfect system to automate your compliance requirements.

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