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Dramatically Reducing Policy Remediation & Compliance Costs for Complex Private and Cloud Infrastructures

ConfigOS was developed as a direct result of our real-world DoD customer experience. As a leading provider of technol-ogy products, SteelCloud developed ConfigOS as a tool allowing government customers and those organizations that support them to reduce the cost and effort for imple-menting and maintaining STIG and security policy-compliant systems. ConfigOS can reduce the cost of production sys-tem policy support by more than 70%, while increasing sys-tems availability by dramatically reducing down-time due to policy or configuration-related errors.

The Server Policy Problem

Maintaining server security policy settings, including STIG compliance, is by far the most time and labor intensive systems administration function. Since vendor applications are rarely designed to operate in government environments, server policies must be manually adjusted on an application by application, server by server, location by location basis. Frequently, the traditional policy update process results in unplanned server downtime – negatively impacting costs and user productivity.

In working with our customers, we calculate that the gov-ernment spends thousands of dollars annually, per server instance (both physical and virtual), to maintain server security policy compliance. Additionally, server downtime further increases this cost. Server policy compliance has been a manual, labor-intensive task — until now!

The Solution - Revolutionizing Server Policy Remediation with ConfigOS

SteelCloud has seen the challenges that customers have in balancing security, resources, and costs in an attempt to keep their IT infrastructure up to date and in compliance with ever advancing computer security policies. SteelCloud’s ConfigOS is a new patent-pending technology that converts government server security policies into publishable machine readable secure XML signatures to automatically update production servers. ConfigOS will al-low the DoD and other government agencies to automate the process of updating security policies by applying simple XML signatures – even across disconnected networks and security domains. The typical multi-day/multi-week policy testing and update process now takes as little as 5 minutes – reducing server security policy maintenance expense by over 70%. In addition to the cost savings, ConfigOS is a low disruption platform – no changes need be made in your networks, no new hardware, and no security changes.

And, being a started task, ConfigOS will not affect the capacity or throughput of any application, network, or infrastructure.

The Solution - Revolutionizing Server Policy Remediation with ConfigOS