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Make Continuous Compliance automation a reality…in every infrastructure.

ConfigOS MPO Suite is compliance software designed to establish and maintain a continuous, scalable compliance environment. Our solution removes months from the RMF cycle, manages complex policies and/or slow connections for large-scale network environments that are common with mobile workforces. ConfigOS MPO (Master Policy Object) helps organizations achieve RMF closed loop compliance with STIG/CIS standards through a set-and-forget approach.

ConfigOS Forge, the enhanced policy workbench solution, enables the efficient creation and management of baselines and customizes policies by leveraging version control and approval process automation.

MPO Shield, an advanced agent-based technology built for today’s complex networks, minimizing network traffic especially for slow satellite and VPN links. MPO Shield operates semi-autonomously, ensuring continuous compliance – both on and off the network. MPO Shield automatically updates the MPO Commander server, with its compliance data once its endpoint rejoins the network.

ConfigOS MPO Suite can be implemented in various environments, including classified, tactical/weapon systems, air-gapped labs, OT/SCADA environments, and commercial cloud infrastructures. Users can achieve high compliance rates with continuous monitoring and compliance. The flexible infrastructure tree view allows for easy group management and drag-and-drop operations, with visual icons and colors to enable easy management, fixing, evaluation, rollback, and reporting of endpoints. ConfigOS MPO tracks what endpoints are on/off the network while ensuring each has the proper policies and schedules. ConfigOS MPO Suite can also be a valuable tool to drive compliance throughout every stage in the Development, Authorization, and Operations process.

Make Hardening Easier
ConfigOS MPO removes 90% of the effort

Operationalize Continuous Compliance

ConfigOS MPO addresses challenges posed by the mobile workforce including slow complex network and large-scale environments.

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In this short on-demand demo, you can see how SteelCloud’s ConfigOS MPO software rapidly automates and remediates STIG and CIS policy compliance to help organizations achieve RMF accreditation.

Want to know how ConfigOS MPO compares to a group policy object (GPO)? Meet your next DISA quarterly update without needing SME’s by creating group policies.

Documentation controls, no problem, ConfigOS MPO offers checklist reporting to STIG Viewer allows you to append and remediate to produce one data file. Watch now.

See how to STIG Faster with SteelCloud to learn more watch this demo.

Product Capabilities

Simplify Cyber Policy Compliance


ConfigOS MPO Forge is a powerful policy workbench tool that allows organizations to create baseline policies customized for their unique applications and environments. Leveraging the version control and approval process features makes it more efficient to manage policy creation process.

ConfigOS Forge allows users to approve waivers so reports include information about controls that have “accepted non-compliance” designations. This feature effectively eliminates the wasted effort of continually tracking down non-compliances that cannot be remediated!


With the ConfigOS MPO, users can quickly deploy MPO Shield onto their endpoints using their traditional deployment utility such as SCCM. Users can easily set up compliance automation schedules and deployment policies for targeted endpoints. Additionally, the ConfigOS MPO provides monitoring capabilities for compliance automation results, enabling users to track the progress of their endpoints.

Working in tandem, the MPO Commander and MPO Shield automatically register endpoints, exchange deployment policies, continuous compliance automation schedules, and report hardening results, thus ensuring the seamless management of endpoints. With the MPO Shield, users can rest assured that their endpoints are well-protected and always up-to-date with the latest policies and schedules.


MPO Shield is an innovative semi-autonomous agent service designed to simplify endpoint compliance management. With MPO Shield, organizations can achieve comprehensive endpoint compliance automation without any human intervention. The software seamlessly works with the MPO Commander so that endpoints are automatically registered, deployment policies and compliance automation schedules are automatically synchronized to eliminate the need for manual intervention. MPO Shield delivers hardening results to the MPO Commander as soon as user connections are established, ensuring that organizations have real-time visibility into their compliance posture.

ConfigOS MPO 2
ConfigOS MPO 3


With the distributed architecture, MPO Shield streamlines endpoint compliance management processes and enables automatic scanning and remediation without human intervention. The MPO Shield operates on each endpoint and is capable of regularly scanning and remediating endpoints autonomously in heavy traffic network environments. MPO’s distributed processing significantly improves the efficiency of compliance operations, freeing up valuable time and resources for other important tasks and reduces network traffic.

The ConfigOS MPO Shield design allows for lightning-fast remediation operations. By leveraging this innovative technology, remediation tasks that would previously have taken hours can now be completed in just seconds.


The ConfigOS MPO user interface allows users to conveniently view job results aggregated on the MPO Commander. This includes detailed information on all scans, remediations, and rollback tasks processed by endpoints that are registered on the MPO Commander. This allows users to quickly assess the status of their endpoints, ensuring that they remain secure and compliant.

Furthermore, ConfigOS MPO provides additional functionality, allowing users to export job results in a variety of formats, including JSON, eMass (ARF/ASR), Xacta, and bulk checklists (CKLs). This feature enables users to easily share job results with others or to incorporate the data into existing workflows or reporting systems.


ConfigOS DashView features a comprehensive compliance reporting and monitoring tool that provides organizations with an up-to-date view of their STIG/CIS compliance status. This tool offers a holistic view of organization-wide compliance status, including historical data, and enables organizations to monitor and report their compliance from multiple viewpoints. With ConfigOS DashView, organizations can leverage Splunk’s cutting-edge “Big Data” platform to automate these processes and gain near-real-time awareness.


Leveraging Splunk big-data enterprise capabilities, ConfigOS DashView brings enterprise-wide compliance results to a “single pane of glass” in an easy-to-use Splunk-based application.

It helps leadership and SMEs gain visibility into organization’s infrastructure security and compliance posture by continuously evaluating and monitoring failed security controls. With ConfigOS MPO’s additional data contents, new data filters can be implemented on DashView to provide in depth compliance visibility.

Use Cases

Dramatically reduce the time you spend on RMF, NIST and STIG remediation

Remote Workforce

The recent rise of the remote workforce presents a significant challenge to compliance operations. As more employees work remotely or on-the-go, their workstations may not always be connected to the organization’s network or users are connected to a slow network which makes it difficult to maintain a compliant environment. Traditional centralized compliance management approaches are no longer sufficient in addressing these challenges.

ConfigOS MPO 5
ConfigOS MPO 6

Complex and Large-Scale Environments

Manage compliance in complex network configurations and large-scale environments presents significant challenges for organizations od all sizes. The slow speed and uniquely configured protocols complicate the task of staying compliant with centralized, remotely managed compliance operations. As the number of endpoints increases, compliance operations become increasingly complex, time-consuming, and costly. Traditional approaches, such as adding headcounts and working longer hours, are no longer sufficient in addressing these challenges.

Support Continuous ATO

Meet the requirements of NIST RMF (Risk Management Framework) and implementing STIG/CIS compliance can be a challenging and resource-intensive task. Organizations need a cost-effective solution that streamlines the process and minimizes the time and staff necessary to establish and maintain security best practices.

support ato
ConfigOS MPO 7

Support Zero trust

Validate both identity and configuration while automating cybersecurity processes, quickly creating a secure, compliant baseline upon which to establish a Zero Trust architecture.

ConfigOS pays for itself from its first use.
It’s a no-brainer!

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