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Bring your system quickly into line for your CORA inspection.

The goal of the DISA CORA program is to protect sensitive Department of Defense data and networks from cyberattack. Inspections are often scheduled with just a month or two notice—not nearly enough time to scramble and shore up neglected cyber and physical assets, not to mention all your classified and unclassified network data.

What DISA really wants to know is that you take a serious attitude toward security and that your posture is supported by your people. SteelCloud can help minimize and simplify your CORA readiness with automated compliance software that does most of the cyber work for you.

Automate the hard parts and make this CORA your easiest ever.

Rather than spending weeks or months satisfying the network portion of your CORA, SteelCloud’s ConfigOS allows you to establish a STIG-compliant environment in about an hour. Really! Our patented software is a proven leader in the DoD for helping agencies get compliant and stay that way.


Each instance of ConfigOS can scan 5,000-15,000 endpoints per hour, including laptops, desktops and physical and cloud servers.


It takes about 2 minutes to remediate hundreds of STIG controls. With its patented remediation engine, each instance of ConfigOS can remediate 3,000-5,000 endpoints per hour, customized to your policies.


Customize and filter your results with our built-in-tools. Complete STIG Viewer checklist integration is at your fingertips, including automatic entry of full finding details and waiver descriptions.


Once your initial baseline is established, ConfigOS will continually scan and remediate to maintain your secure status.

Save time and effort on CORA prep—and your overall security posture.

ConfigOS removes 90% of the effort it takes to establish a secure baseline and 70% of the effort it takes to maintain one. It also takes months of preparation—and the pressure to manually maintain perfect compliance—out of the CORA equation. Plus it shows DISA just how serious you are about security.

Be confident that you’ll pass a DISA mandated inspection by indexing every aspect of your network, detecting areas of non-compliance, and pinpointing necessary remediation efforts with ConfigOS. Let our experts guide you through the process.

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