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Creating Checklists from Scan Results, Why it Matters

November 18, 2020

By Brian Walker

Why are Checklists from scan reports so important?

One of the coolest features in the ConfigOS tool suite is filling out a checklist. The typical way this is done is when customers work off an existing checklists per STIG that they want to apply. These checklists contain critical information such as manual documentation type controls as well as applicability. If a user is aware that a STIG is not applicable or cannot be applied to them, they can codify it into the ConfigOS Signatures inside the comments field. They can include the waiver ID inside the tag, and in that way, they can track items they know cannot be remediated across their organization.

Effectively eliminate wasted effort

Including the waiver ID saves time from having to do additional steps later. ConfigOS will automatically add the details to open findings and indicates whether they pass or fail at the same time.

To do this, a user simply has to:

  • Navigate to their results tab
  • Select an endpoint
  • Select a job from the drop-down
  • Then select export to the checklist.

Creating Checklists from Scan Results, Why it Matters 1

Brian Walker has spent most of his 13 years inside management and customer service, building one of the best customer service experiences in the industry for SteelCloud. He holds bachelor’s degrees in both computer science and history with a concentration in pre-law, giving him the perfect foundation for working in automation and government compliance. You can reach him at

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