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    Cybersecurity Risk vs. Compliance: What is the Difference and Why It Matters

    By, Karl Walinskas, Business Development Director for SteelCloud

    What comes first – risk or compliance while addressing Cybersecurity for computer networks and systems? Cybersecurity risk vs compliance continues to challenge all of us on how we secure our networks. Information Systems Security Officers (ISSOs) and others of their kind realize the overwhelming challenges of risk and compliance, and look to manage risk effectively to control the threat and prevent or mitigate bad outcomes. So, let’s back up for a second and ask the question, “What exactly is risk?”

    And what exactly how does compliance exactly fit into the equation?

    For Cloud providers, compliance is rewarded with FEDRAMP certification.  For terrestrial applications and systems, it’s the Risk Management Framework, or RMF accreditation.  The criteria for these compliance standards are continually changing, because information system operations, applications, developments and threats keep changing.

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