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  • Cybersecurity Solutions for Automated RMF DISA STIG Compliance

    Welcome to SteelCloud’s introduction to our breakthrough automated DISA STIG compliance and CIS remediation technology using our patented automated remediation tool – ConfigOS Command Center. In this short video, we will share with you our cybersecurity solution to achieve RMF compliance and accreditation in less than 60 minutes.
    The Department of Defense (DoD) introduced the Risk Management Framework (RMF in 2014 to assist federal agencies to better manage risks associated with operating an information system. Federal agencies must now follow assessment standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). RMF regulates that systems be hardened to standard STIG and or Center for Information Security (CIS) benchmark.
    ConfigOS is not a simple scanner that tells what you’ve done wrong (such as Nessus, SCAP, Retina et al), but rather a complete remediation solution that changes everything about how you harden systems around applications and stay in compliance. ConfigOS can remediate individual Windows or Linux endpoints in less than 90 seconds with a capacity of 1,000 to 3,000 endpoint remediations per hour for each instance of ConfigOS. ConfigOS is currently implemented in classified and unclassified environments, tactical programs, disconnected labs, and the AWS commercial cloud.
    ConfigOS is client-less technology, requiring no software agents. ConfigOS scans endpoint systems and remediates hundreds of STIG controls in under in under 90 seconds. Automated remediation rollback, as well as comprehensive compliance reporting and STIG Viewer XCCDF output, are provided. ConfigOS was designed to harden every CAT 1/2/3 STIG control around an application baseline in 60 minutes – typically eliminating weeks or months from the RMF accreditation timeline. ConfigOS automates the incorporation of documented policy waivers to ensure flawless automated STIG remediation and compliance reporting.
    In addition to Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu, SUSE, Oracle, CentOS) and Microsoft Windows workstation and server operating systems, ConfigOS also addresses other Windows applications such as SQL, IIS, IE, Chrome, and all of the Microsoft Office components including Office 2016. SteelCloud publishes and supports over 10,000 STIG and CIS controls across these platforms. To receive more information on ConfigOS, please contact SteelCloud at

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