DoD Implements ConfigOS - Tactical & Disconnected Labs & Cloud Apps


ConfigOS has been widely implemented throughout the Department of Defense in classified and unclassified environments, tactical programs, weapon systems, disconnected labs, and cloud applications.

Our software has also been chosen by 8 out of the top 10 federal IT integrators to support critical government programs.  ConfigOS is not a commercial technology that was adapted to DoD requirements, but rather one that was developed from the ground up to address the unique complexities of defense IT environments.  For example, our software seamlessly integrates with DoD IA support tools such as STIG Viewer.  We work closely with DISA to ensure that ConfigOS supports the latest version of their STIG content.  The performance of ConfigOS together with its streamlined implementation and support make it a perfect fit to accelerate RMF accreditation in both small and large networks – from the data center to the cloud, to the tactical edge.

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