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  • DEMO: See How ConfigOS Automates and Remediates STIG Policy Compliance for DoD

    See this product in action! In this 6 minute demo, you will see how Steelcloud’s ConfigOS software automates STIG policy compliance to help organizations achieve RMF and CCRI readiness.
    ConfigOS fixes the non-compliances by bringing the affected STIG controls into conformance with STIG policy in minutes. Stressed about RMF compliance and your next CCRI audit? This demo shows how easy it is to produce comprehensive reporting. Already have scanners? Scan and watch the magic of remediation! Want to know how ConfigOS compares to a group policy object (GPO)?
    ConfigOS will show you how to meet your next DISA quarterly update without needing SME’s by creating group policies. Documentation controls, no problem, ConfigOS offers checklist reporting to STIG Viewer which allows you to append and remediate to produce one data file. In less than 7-minutes watch to see how you can get green on your next compliance report. Watch now.
    See how to STIG Faster With SteelCloud to learn more watch this demo.

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