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ConfigOS supports your requirements for security, software modernization and CDM

Integrating STIG policy compliance into DevOps is not a new concept to SteelCloud. Our patented policy remediation software, ConfigOS, integrates STIG and CIS policy compliance into every step of DevOps process – from unit testing in development to ongoing sustainment in production.

ConfigOS has been widely implemented throughout the DoD to automate STIG and CIS compliance and all the top federal IT integrators have used it to support critical government programs. Scanning and remediating thousands of endpoints per hour, it can reduce days and weeks of manual hardening time down to one hour, saving 90% of the effort it takes to achieve ATO. Better yet, once you create your securely perfect baseline, ConfigOS works tirelessly, 24/7, to ensure you stay that way through continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM).

The concept that software should be developed and tested in the environment in which it will exist in production is a fairly simple and straightforward concept. One of the stumbling blocks, however, is the requirement to drive policy compliance/readiness back into development, testing, and integration.

ConfigOS has unique capabilities that allow any organization to insert STIG testing at each point in the application lifecycle with little overhead and disruption – using the infrastructure already in use. Let us show you how ConfigOS can integrate STIG testing into your DevOps processes to produce waiver-free software that is easy to accredit and support.

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ConfigOS Automates Compliance
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