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Harden Systems the Easy Way with ConfigOS.

From China to Russia to for-profit cybercriminals, all eyes are on DoD networks. Some are in it for the espionage. Some to hobble operations. And others are in it for ransom. None of this is new to the DoD. What is new, however, is the rate at which attacks are quickening and evolving. Defending DoD systems in the 2020s takes more hands than are available to do it fully, properly and accurately. It is simply no longer feasible to run a fully STIGged and protected department without the help of automation.

As you may already know, SteelCloud’s ConfigOS is the department’s most relied upon tool for scanning and remediating STIG compliance and supporting RMF accreditation. What makes ConfigOS unique is that it’s not a commercial tool adapted to DoD requirements. Rather it was built from the ground up specifically to address the unique complexities and components of DoD systems. It has been proven in classified and unclassified environments, tactical programs, weapon systems, disconnected labs, and cloud applications for 15 years.

By scanning and remediating thousands of endpoints an hour, ConfigOS gives oxygen to your RMF efforts, bringing your team the freedom it needs to address backlogs, implement Zero Trust and break through cycles of non-compliance. ConfigOS works tirelessly, scanning, remediating, reporting and providing continual diagnostics and mitigation. It reduces manual hardening time by 90% and costs by 70%, delivering full ROI with its first use.

With as rapidly as threats develop, ConfigOS not only hardens your systems, it does it TODAY so the latest security and updates can be immediately implemented and you can remain in continual compliance. SteelCloud works closely with DISA to rapidly roll out STIG updates and we integrate seamlessly with DoD IA support tools like STIG Viewer. SteelCloud makes your job easier so you can make it harder for bad actors.

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Make Hardening Easier
ConfigOS removes 90% of the effort
ConfigOS pays for itself from its first use.
It’s a no-brainer!

Now all that’s left is to experience it for yourself.