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Installing and updating applications in federal government enterprises is not a straightforward process. Each installation is met with weeks of manual remediation, configuring the software to meet Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements for security and best practices. With hundreds of controls, any number of which may apply to a particular solution, the process is cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. 

SteelCloud ConfigOS changes all of that with a revolutionary approach to STIG remediation and compliance. Here’s how we STIG differently:

  • #STIGfaster. ConfigOS automates the process of STIG remediation, reducing a weeks or months-long effort to an hour or two. 
  • #STIGcheaper. With ConfigOS, you don’t need to hire a team of STIG experts to bring your software into compliance. Everything is automated and easily administered by your team. 
  • #STIGsmarter. Using ConfigOS to automate the process not only ensures a consistent approach, but it also it also brings your new technology online faster for your users. 

See us at Booth 345 and push the STIG Easy Button to see how SteelCloud ConfigOS simplifies the STIG remediation and compliance process for every installation and update. In the meantime, schedule a demo or get more information below. 



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DevOps and STIG Compliance can be a challenge.
  Let us show you how ConfigOS can integrate STIG testing into your DevOps processes to produce waiver-free software that is easy to accredit and support..