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How SIs achieve faster ATOs through automated STIG compliance

February 18, 2021

This webcast will share with you everything you want to know on how SIs achieve faster ATOs with automated STIG compliance

Achieve STIG and CIS policy compliance on any government server or workstation in under an hour. It’s a system integrator’s dream come true—reduce time and labor costs while gaining a competitive advantage on contract bids and proposals. Make automation your differentiator.

Listen now to our recorded webcast on “SIs path to accelerate ATOs through automated STIG compliance

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Learn how to:

STIG & CIS compliance is tiresome and tedious work adding weeks and months to any ATO or RMF accreditation timeline. This crucial IA obligation is often underestimated and will cause program cost overruns which can hurt fixed price engagements. Automation allows SIs to claw back costs and accelerate deliverables – ConfigOS allows the SI to rapidly gain compliance across low and high-side infrastructure, including air-gapped and disconnected networks.

Join Nigel Hughes, SteelCloud Vice President, for a webinar where he’ll share how we helped a Top 10 system integrator achieve best-of-breed STIG compliance results including:

  • OS hardening time reduced from days/weeks to under an hour
  • Annual cyber-hardening efforts reduced from 40,000 hours 2,500
  • System compliance costs reduced by millions in large implementations
  • Achieve system STIG & CIS compliance in under an hour
  • Reduce initial hardening efforts by 90% consistently
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and use the savings to enhance your relationships with your clients




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