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  • How to Build DISA STIG Compliance Into DevOps (DevSecOps)

    Integrating policy compliance into DevOps is not a new concept to SteelCloud. With our patented policy remediation software, ConfigOS, you can easily integrate STIG or CIS policy compliance into every step of the DevOps process – from unit testing in development to ongoing sustainment in production.

    SecDevOps has a similar goal: to drive compliance and security elements into every stage of the development process. ConfigOS allows any organization to produce waiver-free and compliant software that is easy to accredit and support. Accreditations and ATOs take far too long. Months and months are needed to get systems into production. The reason for all these Information Assurance woes? Traditionally, compliance issues are tackled at the Accreditation Stage rather than earlier in the Development Stage – resulting in far too many costly waivers. So, the solution is obvious – insert compliance testing into the Development and Testing phases.

    SteelCloud’s ConfigOS software helps developers quickly establish a policy compliant environment, just for testing, in only a few seconds and then allows them to simply “tear” it down to quickly go back to their development environment. Using ConfigOS to address these issues before they become waivers will save 1000s of hours of effort off of your accreditation and production timelines. ConfigOS gives you back your agility while providing cost savings throughout the DevOps lifecycle.


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