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  • How to reduce compliance man-hour expenditures by over 70% with the best cybersecurity toolkit

    By Nigel Hughes

    Having well thought out cybersecurity toolkit can alleviate all sorts of woes and help you win more contracts.

    The work of a government system integrator has never been more competitive. To win contracts, you need to demonstrate superior speed, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. To differentiate, you also need to utilize your resources effectively to protect your margins. What if you could reduce costs while increasing agility, quality and staff utilization?

    Make automation part of your cybersecurity toolkit.

    When it comes to cybersecurity and hardening government systems,  automation is the answer. Think about what it takes to STIG a government implementation manually—days and even weeks of hardening time, not to mention an ongoing need each time there’s an update, new implementation guide, or new release. It can result in a monumental time suck for high priced security specialists who could be better put to use in ways like:

    • RMF assessment reporting and accreditation work
    • Utilizing ConfigOS compliance dashboard reporting to assess enterprise policy risk posture
    • Creating secure baselines for new technology deployments

    The more sophisticated technology and threats become, the more agility that is expected of you. Every time you think you’ve achieved your do-more-with-less goals, the government moves the goal posts. We have reached the point in our global technological advancement that automation solutions are more than delivering on their promises so you can deliver on yours.

    It is a time of unique opportunity in the realm of automation. Whether hardening government systems, simplifying processes, or streamlining workflows there are more options available now than ever to reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction.

    See how a leading integrator reduced overall STIG compliance expenditure of man hours each year from 40,000 using manual processes to 2,500 hours using ConfigOS. Read more


    About the author:

    How to reduce compliance man-hour expenditures by over 70% with the best cybersecurity toolkit 1

    Nigel Hughes, Vice President

    Nigel joined SteelCloud in June 2007 as VP of Sales. Since then, SteelCloud has reinvented itself as a cyber security policy management software powerhouse. Nigel  works with the government’s security policy leadership and their strategic integrator partners to provide policy compliance automation through SteelCloud’s ConfigOS tool for CIS and STIG remediation. You can reach him at



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