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ConfigOS adds depth to your eMass, Splunk and ServiceNow data

ConfigOS is a robust solution that automates STIG/CIS/CMMC compliance for the government and the defense industrial base. It reduces manual effort by 90%, saves 70% of hardening costs and integrates with other tools you rely upon for security and reporting.

Make Hardening Easier
ConfigOS removes 90% of the effort.


eMASS (Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service) was developed by the DoD, in part, as a repository that unites technical/machine data generated from endpoint scans with the human/non-technical data documented by security/IA personnel.

There are four areas that automation can be applied to provide real advantage to the operationalization of cyber compliance within the DoD:

  • Automate and reduce the effort/errors in merging non-technical CKL data with machine-generated technical data.

  • Automate and simplify the production and input of compliance data into eMASS.

  • Automate and reduce the effort to produce, name, and store fully populated STIG Viewer Checklist in bulk (by the 1,000s).

  • Provide complete CKL data to SIEM data feeds so that complete compliance data is easily accessible through integrated enterprise dashboards.

SteelCloud’s ConfigOS offers a simple integrated solution to address each of these automation challenges and ensures the easy synchronization of massive numbers of checklist files, eMASS data, and SIEM dashboards – everything in sync, everything up to date.


Splunk enterprise platform helps capture, index and correlate real-time data in a searchable repository, from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations.

As Splunk’s OEM partner, SteelCloud has developed a DashView application that gives clients central, global visibility for their enterprise’s infrastructure hardening compliance (DISA STIG/CIS Benchmark standards). Our DashView solution aggregates, warehouses, and analyzes the output of one or more Command Center(s) and provides actionable intel to the client.


ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform for IT Service Management (ITSM) which helps to automate IT Business Management. It is designed based on ITIL guidelines to provide service-orientation for tasks, activities, and processes.

SteelCloud’s DashView application can be configured to send alerts for endpoints that do not meet the organization’s compliance threshold. It can create a service ticket in the integrated ServiceNow solution.

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ConfigOS not only extends your capability to secure your data, it eases other automation and data challenges. With the speed of change in the industry, look toward other product integrations with ConfigOS in the future. We are determined to remain the most powerful force in cybersecurity in the government and defense industrial base.

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