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Interview: Anchors Away: Maritime Cybersecurity Voyage

December 17, 2021

The Maritime Cybersecurity  voyage starts with best system level practices

In this CyberSecurity TV interview, Brian Hajost, SteelCloud COO, and guest Dan Turissini (CMMC Registered Practitioner)  and Dave Gardy focuses on  the Maritime industry and what steps they are taking to adopt a cybersecurity structure regiment.

Did you know that currently ,there are no mandates out there for most commercial organizations outside of the federal government and that they don’t have mandates for cybersecurity outside of things like HIPPA and PCI, for example, to incorporate some of the controls? If you look at corporate America, the standards they look to is NIST 800-53 with or without a mandate.  More industries involved with critical infrastructure like energy, transportation, and of course, shipping are starting to adopt of their own volition the best practices that exist. 800-53 is a great place to start.

The Maritime is an industry system of  ports coordination with trucks, trains intermodal. How will NIST 171 and CMMC come into play as part of the supply chain for the military? Maritime industry has a multi-factor compliance requirement all, trying to figure out how to deal with compliance.

This interview learn who the Maritime industry  is adding more compliance standards how compliance automation comes into play.

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