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Interview: Company News and ConfigOS DashView Announcement

July 5, 2021

SteelCloud tightens focus on security compliance protecting, our government assets and critical infrastructure with the announcement of ConfigOS DashView.

In our most recent video interview with Dave Gardy at Worldwide Cybersecurity TV, Brian Hajost, CEO at SteelCloud, shared what SteelCloud has been doing during the challenges we’ve all faced this past year. SteelCloud understands the added stress to the already complex work required to become compliant and stay compliant. You are not alone, and we are here to help.

SteelCloud continues to develop applications to support and meet the needs of all of our customers and announced the new release of ConfigOS Dashview! Dashview is an application built on Splunk and is a new set of components for CISCO compliance with an Enterprise Compliance Dashboard. Dashview offers a comprehensive compliance overview for management and individuals implementing STIG and CIS compliance.


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