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Interview: Compliance Risk Mitigation and Risk Optimization at Scale

January 26, 2022

Keep your inbox empty (compliance) while managing compliance risk mitigation and risk optimization to scale effectively with automation.

In this CyberSecurity TV episode, Terry Roberts Founder and  CEO, White Hawk Inc. and Brian Hajost, SteelCloud Founder and COO, discuss risk mitigation and risk optimization with automation to scale effectiveness.

Cybersecurity for computer networks and systems keep getting tougher everyday. New attack vectors and threats occur by the hundreds on a daily basis. Protecting systems and data requires massive defensive vigilance and action on the part of CISOs, CTOs, CIOs and the personnel that work for them at multiple points in the value chain of serving up information systems services to a needy customer base.

Keep your inbox empty. Watch now and learn how becoming compliant NIST 800-171 will help you obtain CMMC certification before CMMC requirements start showing up in contract solicitations.

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