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Knock knock. Who’s there? CCRI. WHAT?

March 14, 2023

After a hiatus at the hands of COVID, CCRI inspections are back. A Command Cyber Readiness Inspection, or CCRI, is a DoD-led formal inspection to assure accountability and the security posture of DoD Information Networks according to DoD standards, specifically in the areas of Command, Mission, Threat, and Vulnerability. We have clients across the DoD that are preparing for their CCRI’s so we thought we’d share how we are helping them get ready.

Prepare ahead because it can be a cumbersome process.

A CCRI inspection can put a damper on your day, weeks and months. You need to show compliance with mandated security measures. Your people will be observed. Your records will be examined. Depending on the circumstance, you may have plenty of lead time, little lead time or it may be a surprise inspection.

No matter where you are in the process—just starting out or halfway through—automation can help you recommit to maintaining a strong cyber posture. A tool like SteelCloud’s ConfigOS can cut 90% of your manpower and 70% of your effort in getting prepared. It will help you:

  1. Evaluate your system for compliance and identify areas for remediation
  2. Bring your network into STIG compliance in about an hour
  3. Maintain compliance indefinitely with little to no manual effort

Make your CCRI inspection like just another day in the office – at least from a STIG standpoint.

Automation takes the months of preparation—and the pressure to manually maintain compliance—out of the CCRI equation. In a tight timeframe and with very little effort, ConfigOS indexes every aspect of your network, detects areas of non-compliance, and pinpoints necessary remediation efforts

Set yourself up to pass your CCRI with automated ease and implement the STIG-compliant environment the DoD demands. Contact SteelCloud to sort through the process and put automation on your security team for both compliance and inspection readiness.


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