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  • Learn How to STIG Faster and Achieve ATO within Hours not Weeks or Months 

    Learn How to STIG Faster and Achieve the Authority to Operate (ATO) within Hours not Weeks or Months

    What Technology Vendors Need to Know About STIG Compliance to Support Their Government Customers. All software environments within the federal government must meet STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) requirements. Traditionally, the process of bringing COTS software into compliance can take weeks or months—and that same effort is repeated by each federal customer who installs or updates that software. On this episode of CyberSecurity TV, SteelCloud’s leader, Brian Hajost, will discuss how technology vendors can support their government clients with solutions that #STIGfaster and #STIGeasier, bringing bottom-line benefits to everyone involved. Watch now to learn how to achieve ATO (Authority to Operate) in a STIG-compliant environment in one hour—not weeks or months!

    On-premise technologies to the cloud have only continued to increase, and with that, threats, vulnerabilities, and technology are evolving daily. Agencies now have the opportunity to save time and money, and they mustn’t be hindered by conducting repeated risk assessments and infrastructure maintenance to achieve (ATO), the authority to operate.


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