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Lunch & Learn Webinar: RMF Acceleration Through eMASS Automation

March 29, 2022

Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service—eMASS—acts as a repository uniting technical/machine data generated from endpoint scans with the human/non-technical data documented by security/IA personnel. Traditionally, this “uniting” process is accomplished by completing a STIG Viewer Checklist for each policy for each endpoint, quickly generating a cumbersome number of hand-created checklist files. With these overwhelming manual processes, keeping eMASS current is a challenge, creating security issues that could hobble your organization.

In  this webinar RMF acceleration through eMASS Automation, Don Maclean, DLT Solutions is joined by Brian Hajost, Chief Operating Officer at SteelCloud. They discuss some of the common issues around secure configuration management, the struggles that organizations face, and ways to overcome those challenges. Learn ways to:

  • Automate and reduce the effort and errors in merging non-technical data with machine-generated technical data
  • Automate and simplify the production and input of compliance data into eMASS
  • Automate and reduce the effort to produce, name, and store fully populated STIG Viewer Checklist in bulk (by the 1,000s)
  • Provide complete CKL data to SIEM data feeds so that complete compliance data is easily accessible through integrated enterprise dashboards

Listen now on to how eMASS automation equals RMF Acceleration!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: RMF Acceleration Through eMASS Automation 1


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