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  • Mind the Gap: How Air Gapping Can Protect IP

    Reconsider the value air gapping brings to intellectual property data protection.

    If you have a machine that is not connected to the internet directly or to any other computers that are connected to the internet, are you truly secure and can it be hacked? Many companies now require that a network or system is secure by isolating it from other computers and or networks. But some attackers can gain physical access to breach them still.

    In today’s hyperautomated world, organizations connect various environments, applications and databases to one another, creating complex infrastructures. Security professionals discuss the difficulties inherent in securing cloud environments, and the risks that third-party vendors pose to a company’s increasingly IT-dependent business structure. Malicious actors continue to target critical information through increasingly sophisticated supply chain attacks. While customers’ sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data must reside in the cloud for business operational efficiency, organizations have the opportunity to pause and reconsider the value air gapping brings to intellectual property data protection.

    In this thought provoking article, “How Air Gapping Can Protect IP” in Security Boulevard, Brian Hajost, president and CEO of SteelCloud shares his insights on how to protect our intellectual property.

    Read the Full Article – Security Boulevard


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