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ConfigOS – Simplifying STIG & CIS Remediation



Join your tribe at Booth 2329 at #AFCEATechNet Cyber and put the “Sec” into DevSecOps easier and faster than ever before! Learn more: #DISA #AFCEA #ATO #ConfigOs #DevSecOps #TheTribeHasSpoken

The STGmasters are in the house @ #AFCEATechNet and excited to talk with you about accelerating automated remediation compliance!

Learn how to be a master of STIG compliance at #AFCEATechNet Cyber! Plus, enter to win a $25 gift card at Booth 2329. Learn more: #DISA #AFCEA #ATO #DevSecOps #ConfigOs #Masterful

Learn how to be a master of STIG compliance at #AFCEATechNet Cyber! Plus, enter to win a $25 gift card at Booth 2329. Learn more: #DISA #AFCEA #ATO #DevSecOps #ConfigOs #Masterful

Winner - Ried Diego -Congratulations! Stop by and enter to win $25 gift card and see how to achieve STIG compliance with ConfigOS in about an hour—not month

STIG happens. And it happens in about an hour—not months—with ConfigOS. Learn how to hasten your time to ATO at #AFCEATechNet Cyber! Learn more: #DISA #AFCEA #ATO #DevSecOps#Automation

Starting now! Learn how to put the “Sec” into DevSecOps and achieve STIG compliancemore easily in this enlightening #AFCEATechNet Cyber session!

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Upcoming Events


TechNet Cyber

May 14 – 16

Baltimore, Maryland  

Hungry for knowledge? Engage with Government and Military Experts – Discuss and plan how to achieve persistent innovation. Come by our booth and check out some of our live demos on how ConfigOS Accelerates Compliance STIG Remediation in Seconds! We will be scanning and remediating Windows Server 2012, 2016, and Windows 10 – Linux, for both STIG and CIS compliance automation.

We will be giving away free evaluation licenses for all TechNet Attendees

 If you have additional questions, please contact us personally at

TechNet Cyber 2019!


Shark Tank



Innovation Technology

STIG 101: What, How and Why they are a GOOD thing –   Clearing all the fog around STIGs. So, what does ‍STIGs stand for anyway? STIG is an acronym for Security Technical Implementation. STIGs is a GOOD thing. They are ubiquitous across all systems, all application stacks, classified, unclassified, cloud, tactical, and custom applications….. it is a way of life.‍ Dave Gardy, Chairman, and TV Worldwide chat with Brian Hajost President, & CEO of SteelCloud and talk about STIG Compliance.  

Watch this 3-minute interview and let us know what you would like to see next month.

CLICK HERE – TV Worldwide!


AFCEA – Monthly Luncheon Programs

SteelCloud is a proud sponsor of the AFCEA Washington, DC monthly lunch programs –
April, 11th 2019
 – Department Homeland Security

Join AFCEA DC on April 11th with speakers Stephen Rice, Deputy Chief Technology Officer -DHS and Ted Okada, Chief, Information Technology Officer – Federal Emergency Management – DHS. 

This event always sells out. To ensure you have a seat register today. 



Learn more on how we can automate your STIG and CIS Compliance!