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ConfigOS – Simplifying STIG & CIS Remediation



Learn how to accelerate and automate #STIGCompliance and Remediation for your entire IT team in seconds @DoDIIS. Come see us at Booth #345 and see how SteelCloud ConfigOS saves you time and money.

How can #ConfigOS accelerate and successfully result in better #FITARA scores to help agencies reduce spending and meet mission goals?

Harmonization of the #NIST framework for risk, security and privacy. Meet regulatory requirements and save time and money with #ConfigOS to protect your assets and business enterprise risk in an increasingly complex space.

#NIST Asks for Input on Building Secure Software. #STIGdifferently. htps://

How do you bake security into every step of your software development lifecycle to reduce the number of vulnerabilities? ConfigOS simplifies the upfront hardening & ongoing #STIG maintenance to meet #NIST security policies.

Are you struggling to #remediate within your timelines leaving gaps in your cyber defense? Achieve that 80% goal for mitigating high or critical vulnerabilities within 15-30 days with the #ConfigOS STIG EASY BUTTON.

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August 18 – 21

Tampa, Florida  

Learn how to accelerate and automate STIG Compliance and Remediation for your entire IT team in seconds.  Come see us at Booth #345 and push the STIG Easy Button to see how  SteelCloud ConfigOS saves you time and money. In the meantime, schedule a demo or get more information by clicking here.

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To learn more, watch our 3-minute video:

How to Integrate Security & Harden IP Enabled Systems



Shark Tank



Innovation Technology

STIG 101: What, How and Why they are a GOOD thing –   Clearing all the fog around STIGs. So, what does ‍STIGs stand for anyway? STIG is an acronym for Security Technical Implementation. STIGs is a GOOD thing. They are ubiquitous across all systems, all application stacks, classified, unclassified, cloud, tactical, and custom applications….. it is a way of life.‍ Dave Gardy, Chairman, and TV Worldwide chat with Brian Hajost President, & CEO of SteelCloud and talk about STIG Compliance.  

Watch this 3-minute interview and let us know what you would like to see next month.

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AFCEA – Monthly Luncheon Programs

SteelCloud is a proud sponsor of the AFCEA Washington, DC monthly lunch programs –
June 19, 2019
 – U.S. Navy/USMC

Join AFCEA DC on June 19th, with speaker announcement coming soon.

This event always sells out. To ensure you have a seat register today. 



Learn more on how we can automate your STIG and CIS Compliance!