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Members of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) need to meet various compliance requirements, including those set out in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication (NIST SP) 800-171. However, hardening systems requires time and staffing which makes cost a barrier to entry.

SteelCloud’s automation for Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) streamlines your system hardening process reducing the time and effort it takes to get secure and compliant.

CMMC Security Configurations
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Get NIST 800-171

CMMC Level 3 certification requires organizations to be NIST 800-171 compliant.

By automating STIG compliance with SteelCloud, you can put NIST 800-128 and 800-70 configurations in place to meet technical NIST 800-171 and CMMC security compliance requirements.

Stay NIST 800-171

Every 90 days DISA releases new STIG controls so staying compliant is more time-consuming than getting compliant.

With SteelCloud’s automation, you can scan your environment for new controls, review conflicts, and remediate conflicts within a few hours.

Document NIST 800-171

Managing documentation in spreadsheets and notebooks leads to longer, more expensive audits.

Using SteelCloud, you create a single source of audit documentation right in the tool, so you no longer need to worry about human error risks and reduce audit costs.

Leverage DISA STIGs for Rapid, Robust NIST 800-171 Compliance

DISA STIGs fall under the NIST SP 800-171 and 800-70 configuration checklist requirements that meet NIST 800-171 control category requirements.

Eliminate the Need for Specialized Staff

With our flexible interface, you no longer need to hire someone with advanced training. Get your current IT team up and running in under a business day.

No Hassle Compliance Monitoring

With ConfigOS, you can scan, implement changes, check conflicts, and remediate conflicts in only a few hours.

Reduce Audit Costs with a Single Source of Compliance Documentation

The longer it takes you to get your auditor the documentation necessary to prove compliance, the more the audit costs. Companies waste valuable staff time preparing audit request documentation. They waste even more time during the audit responding to additional requests when the auditor finds the documentation incomplete. Meanwhile, auditors who charge by the hour still have their billing clock running. With all compliance information in one place, you reduce all of these hidden audit costs.

SteelCloud STIG Automation: The Patented Solution to Getting, Staying, and Proving NIST 800-171 Technical Control Compliance

We developed our patented ConfigOS policy remediation software to help companies reduce operational costs, compliance risk, and security vulnerabilities. Our solution reduces the time it takes to harden the environment around an application by over 90% and reduces ongoing STIG compliance costs by more than 70%.

Empower your IT staff with our easy-to-use software. We can train your team in under a business day to use our solution so that they can get you compliant, faster.

Maintain compliance with ConfigOS because we keep the STIGs updated. DISA releases STIG updates every 90 days, and we make sure that ConfigOS is updated within 72 hours. You can maintain your compliance posture by scanning, evaluating, and remediating on-demand. See how and watch our short video demo.