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  • PODCAST: How Configuration Management Makes Security Simple

    Configuration management is the best kept secret in security.

    In a recent podcast interview, Brian Hajost, President and COO of SteelCloud, discusses vulnerability management and configuration management as being fundamental foundational elements of any security program. SteelCloud develops technology software for automated remediation of endpoints to meet compliance mandates effectively. Brian states that CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS CSC) can be used as a relative measure. So the question is, how high up on the list are they for you?

    Configuration management and vulnerability management are not only foundational, it’s critical, and it’s also notable pain point. When you look at AI, AI becomes a true AI, becomes a black box, right? We know what we put in, and we know something comes out, but there’s really no way to control what happens in the middle. Think of The Terminator, think of 2001: Space Odyssey, you think of AI going awry, and how do the cyber folks deal with even a little a wryness?


    PODCAST: How Configuration Management Makes Security Simple 1

    Brian Hajost is the President & COO and founder of SteelCloud, a company that develops technology for automated remediation of endpoints to various security benchmarks. Brian’s technical career has spanned over thirty years, primarily with leading-edge technologies in regulated industries. He holds eight patents in IT security and two patents in mobile security. He is an active contributor to the DC Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), currently serving a board member.

    Click the image below to listen to episode 72 Configuration Management on Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast.


    PODCAST: How Configuration Management Makes Security Simple 2

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