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Remote Workforce

The recent rise of remote workforce presents a significant challenge to compliance operations. As more employees work remotely, their workstations may not always be connected to the organization’s network or users are connected to a slow network which makes it difficult to maintain a compliant environment. Traditional centralized compliance management approaches utilizing a “jobs” concept of operations are no longer sufficient in addressing these challenges.

ConfigOS MPO Suite helps organizations address remote workforce challenges and achieves compliance with the STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) and CIS (Center for Information Security) standards. ConfigOS MPO (Master Policy Object), an agent-based endpoint solution, can efficiently maintain the remote device compliance utilizing scheduled operations and minimum resources.

Be Cybersecure
ConfigOS Automates Compliance

Mobile Workstation Registration

Automatically detects/identifies endpoints and recognizes which are on/off the network.

Set and Forget

Once setup, policies and schedules are synced up automatically.

Continuous Compliance

Enforces and captures compliance data regardless of whether the endpoint is on/off network.

Achieve Continuous Compliance with ConfigOS MPO!
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ConfigOS MPO Suite provides the following capabilities to organizations:

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