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The National Institute of Technology and Standards (NIST) established its Risk Management Framework (RMF) to create an integrated, risk-based approach to security, privacy, and supply chain risk. NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-53 acts as the foundation for hardening systems to mitigate risk when meeting RMF best practices.

With SteelCloud’s automation for implementing Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) and CIS Benchmarks gives you a cost-effective solution that reduces the time and staffing necessary to establish security best practices.

RMF Risk MGT Framework 1

Detect Risks

Scan your entire environment in less than 60 minutes for visibility into your security posture.

RMF Risk MGT Framework 2

Prioritize Remediation

Set remediation activities based on control criticality and impact on your environment.

RMF Risk MGT Framework 3

Document Compliance

Create a single source of documentation for waivers/exceptions to prove governance and reduce audit costs.

Reduce risk by implementing security baselines with ConfigOS

ConfigOS is a SCAP-validated automation that can scan 5,000-10,000 systems per hour and remediate 2,000-4,000 systems per hour. Gain visibility into risk and set mitigating controls in less than one day.

Create security baselines and test configurations with ConfigOS Foundry

ConfigOS Foundry makes it easy to use standardized security baselines or customize STIGs and CIS Benchmarks so that you can take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity. Securely test your configurations before deploying them and leverage our rollback functionality to reduce downtime.

Provide continuous assurance by automating security control configurations

Ensure compliance with best practices by automating security configuration updates to ensure continuous control effectiveness. Document all compliance activities in ConfigOS.

Reduce staffing costs with ConfigOS’s easy-to-use software

Our flexible interface eliminates the need to hire specialized staff, reducing the impact that the cybersecurity skills gap causes. Your current IT team can scan your environment and set security baselines in less than a day to get you started.

SteelCloud: The Patented Automated Solution for Security Configuration Management

Our patented ConfigOS policy remediation software can help you reduce the time, staffing, and hassle of meeting RMF best practices. Reduce the time it takes to harden your environment by 90% while reducing costs by 70%.

Never worry about downtime due to configuration conflicts. Our software provides instant visibility into potential conflicts and prioritizes remediation activities based on control criticality. Maintain RMF best practices without worrying about revenue loss that downtime can cause.

We apply security baseline updates to our software within 72 hours of release so that you never need to worry about falling out of compliance and can maintain a consistent, secure environment.

Maintain a robust cybersecurity and compliance posture by regularly scanning, evaluating, and remediating your systems. Meet RMF best practices by documenting your decisions to align remediation with your organization’s risk tolerance. See how and watch our short video demo.