Complete Policy Scanner - Automated Policy Control & STIG Remediation


Simple Policy Authoring

SteelCloud offers a policy scanner for complete STIG policy and automated control and remediation. The ConfigOS Builder policy authorizing and complete STIG scanning capability accelerates RMF accreditation by allowing users to harden policy controls around an application stack in just 60 minutes versus days/weeks/months. ConfigOS was designed from the ground up to allow users to easily adjust/extend any of the STIG or CIS policy content provided by SteelCloud to the requirements of the customer application environment. All documentation is provided for any and all adjustments in policy (waivers) so that waiver information is integrated into the scanning, remediation and reporting functions of ConfigOS. The ConfigOS Builder will also allow a user to build policy from scratch for unique situations. Our software creates policies for secure baselines and manages STIG/CIS support for the entire production policy and application lifecycle – from pre-production/RMF/ATO through to production policy remediation. Additionally, SteelCloud has developed easily accessible automated remediation rollback to accelerate the testing of new/updated policies.

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