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ConfigOS reduces 90% of the effort it takes to establish a secure baseline, using your existing Staff!

According to new survey results from the Center for Internet Security, all types of attacks against state and local government agencies increased in frequency last year. CIS Benchmarks and NIST 800-53 provide powerful roadmaps for establishing and maintaining endpoint security, thereby reducing your attack surface. But the manpower and budgetary resources to implement those plans are not keeping pace, forcing IT departments to make tough choices as to what they can and cannot accomplish as they modernize their technologies.

SteelCloud’s ConfigOS automated compliance software extends your resources, routinely reducing 90% of the effort and 70% of the budget required to secure endpoints and combat both known and emerging cyber threats. It’s the same patented tool the DoD, other federal government agencies and federal systems integrators use to make cost-efficient work of mandated security protocols. Whether mandated or not in state and local governments, NIST 800-53 and CIS Benchmarks are essential for defending against private data breaches, lost data, and ransomware attacks that render citizen services inoperable.

It’s absolutely critical that state and local governments match the federal government’s vigor in combating cybercrime. No government entity wants to become the headline on the local news for a public data breach. ConfigOS compliance software reduces months of cybersecurity effort to less than a day’s work, from software installation to a secure baseline. Schedule a demo today and see how fast, easy and affordable it can be to harden systems, accelerate timelines, and ward off the bad guys.

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