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  • SteelCloud Releases Major Update to its Patented STIG Automation Software

    SteelCloud Releases Major Update to its Patented STIG Automation Software

    Increases Throughput and Enterprise Scalability

    Ashburn, VA December 4, 2019 – SteelCloud LLC, a STIG and CIS automation and remediation software developer, announced today that is has released the latest version of its ConfigOS Command Center product, Release 2.7.  Its new 64-bit architecture doubles scanning and remediation performance for larger volume operations.

    Additionally, extensive revisions to the ConfigOS scanning and remediation engine has significantly increased STIG control coverage for Red Hat 6 and 7.  Equally important, every aspect of the system has been tuned to increase user access to data in order to accelerate the RMF accreditation process for new and existing applications.

    “ConfigOS Command Center 2.7 is a system performance game-changer by reducing the time and effort for anyone faced with STIG and CIS compliance requirements,” said Brian Hajost, SteelCloud’s President and CEO. “With this performance update, we also focused on enhancing and expanding the user-experience with efficient access to information and increased automation of policy compliance tasks.  We are unveiling this latest release at the I/ITSEC Conference (Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education) in Orlando FL, December 2-6, 2019.”

    New ConfigOS enhancements include:

    • Data Useable By – Splunk, STIG Viewer, Vulnerator, and Microsoft Power BI
    • Simplified end-to-end rollback management
    • Enhanced reporting capability including:
      • Control Failure Reports that outline remediation needs
      • Job Summary Reports to show the big picture
      • In-depth Error Logs for troubleshooting performance

    About ConfigOS

    ConfigOS is currently implemented in enterprise environments, classified and tactical programs, agile labs, and commercial cloud environments.  ConfigOS is client-less technology, requiring no software agents.  ConfigOS scans endpoint systems for hundreds of policy controls in under 60 seconds and then remediates most policies in under 90 seconds.  Automated remediation rollback, comprehensive compliance reporting, and STIG Viewer Checklist creation are also provided.  ConfigOS was designed to harden STIG/CIS controls around an application baseline in 60 minutes – typically eliminating weeks or months from the RMF/ATO accreditation timeline.  ConfigOS automates the incorporation of documented policy waivers to ensure flawless automated STIG/CIS remediation and compliance reporting.  ConfigOS addresses Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server ‘08/’12/’16/’19 along with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/7, Ubuntu, and CENTOS Linux. For more info, visit:

    About SteelCloud

    SteelCloud develops STIG and CIS compliance software for enterprise customers and technology providers.  Our products automate policy remediation by reducing the complexity, effort, and expense of meeting government policy mandates.  SteelCloud has delivered security policy-compliant solutions to organizations around the world which simplify implementation and ongoing security and mission support. SteelCloud products are easy to license through our GSA Schedule 70 contract. SteelCloud can be reached at (703) 674-5500.  Additional information is available at or by email at




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