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  • STIG 101: What, How and Why DISA STIGs Are a GOOD Thing – Asset Security

    Clearing the fog around STIGs. So, what does STIGs stand for anyway? STIGS is an acronym for Security Technical Implementation. Guideline rules best practices that DISA set up for best installing and supporting IT systems. These controls represent 20,000 controls and are created out of DISA. A new set of STIGs come out every 90 days.
    So why do STIGs exist? Government vulnerabilities are present. STIGs are here to maintain a secure baseline and protect all cyber and asset security. The real work is done in an application environment. ATOs and the RMF process slow down even more as the additional focus is placed on security.
    STIGS is a GOOD thing. They are ubiquitous across all systems, all application stacks classified, unclassified, cloud, tactical, and custom applications….. it is a way of life. #STIGFasterWithSteelCloud to learn more and please subscribe to our channel.

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