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  • STIG & CMMC Controls Matrix for Red Hat 7

    All you need to know about STIG & CMMC Controls for Red Hat 7

    This is one of a series of documents that have been produced by SteelCloud to assist in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance effort specific to the controls for Red Hat 7. This document cross references the different compliance control sets. It is split into three sections –

    Section One:

    The first section references the CMMC controls in relation to the STIG V-IDs.

    Section Two:

    The second section reverses this logic to show CMMC controls first.

    Section Three:

    The third section is a high level CMMC matrix.

    SteelCloud has spent the last decade developing patented technology to automate government policy compliance, configuration control, and cloud security. Our ConfigOS software solution was designed to reduce initial hardening time by 90% and ongoing STIG compliance effort by more than 70%. Our technology will have a significant positive impact on organizations that desire to achieve CMMC Level 2, or greater, compliance.

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