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STIG Compliance and ConfigOS: A Partnership Built for Speed

April 11, 2022

If really want to increase hardening velocity for STIG compliance, you can’t go at it alone. 

STIG, CIS and CMMC compliance. Continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM). Zero Trust. All are essential to creating and maintaining a secure enterprise. But all are slow and tedious to implement—if you go it alone, that is.

When you create a partnership with automation, you can harden with a velocity that cannot occur by human hands alone. As a result, you will achieve authority to operate (ATO) faster, and you’ll make fewer errors, generate reports more quickly and save significantly on hardening costs when you automate.  Automation will become your best employee – it never misses a beat and is always accurate!

Harden around apps and achieve ATOs faster in the DoD.

Everyone working in Department of Defense (DoD) cybersecurity knows how critical STIG compliance is to securing our nation’s most sensitive data. But, they also know that hardening around a critical software update or new tool can take weeks of human resources. And typically, there is a backlog of this kind of work, delaying implementations even further.

It’s not like STIG Compliance is the sole task specialists must complete. They also need to implement a strategy to adopt a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity and deploy the cybersecurity technologies that the CDM program offers,  other government mandates. As a result, there are bottlenecks of work to address. So, where should agencies and organizations begin? Unfortunately, all of these responsibilities demand time and increase the likelihood of error. And with the unprecedented plethora of hackers trying to gain access, it poses a national security risk.

Either you create more time or get more specialists to get the job done. Creating more time is the most cost-effective, strategic, realistic—and easy—approach. And that happens through compliance automation.

Make fast work of thwarting hackers in commercial organizations.

Across the public and private sectors, and the President’s Executive Order on strengthening cyber-defense,  commercial organizations are beginning to standardize their cybersecurity practices by embracing the directives required of all software the US government purchased to meet security standards. In addition, those in the (DIB) defense industrial base seeking to achieve Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) audit readiness will ultimately need to implement the same processes, practices, and STIG mandates.

The market for cybersecurity professionals is horrible. In 2021, there were 716,000 in the cyber workforce. And we began that year with a shortfall of 314,000 workers. The situation is dire and growing worse as commercial organizations increasingly fall prey to cybercriminals. Staffing up is not an option. If organizations want a more robust security posture, they need a more robust security partner—automation.

Team up with the industry’s most preferred compliance automation solution.

Speed matters. You need to move faster than hackers evolve to protect your data. And it’s just getting more and more dangerous out there for system vulnerabilities. So, if you’re not locked down, it’s more a question of “when” rather than “if.”

SteelCloud’s patented ConfigOS compliance automation software is the most proven tool in the marketplace. It is trusted within the DoD and all the top systems integrators to secure their enterprises, mitigate issues, perform CDM, generate reports, monitor threats, create Zero Trust efficiencies, and eliminate the soul-sucking aspects of compliance. ConfigOS has been repeatedly proven to save 90% of the effort and 70% of the costs of system hardening. It pays for itself from the very first use. Who wouldn’t want to partner with that?

Bottom line: the more complex technology gets, more devious the threat, and the more impossible it becomes to rely on human hands. Automation is the tactic to lead you to the future.  ConfigOS is the tool to speed you over the compliance finish line.

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