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Press Releases

SteelClouds support announcements provides you with all of the most current cybersecurity updates & support to our government and commercial customers as well as our technology partners.

New ConfigOS Windows Server 2016, 2008R2, 2012R2, and Windows 10 for latest STIG updates from DISA (7-20-2018)

New STIGSs!  DISA dropped their STIG update shortly after the 4th of July holiday and ConfigOS has responded with the latest updates for Windows!

Automated DISA STIGS remediation – Committed to our 2 – day promise, SteelCloud updated windows server 2016, 2008R2, 2012R2, and Windows 10 most for the newly released DISA STIGs standards for our customers and our mission partners.

As before, there is both an authenticated and standard zipped option to suit your preference.

To access our newest windows and software from our content update website, go to:

Also please be sure to check out our training catalog; we even have a piece dedicated to showing you how to use the Foundry tool to update your working signatures with the signatures SteelCloud just put out.

Our Training catalog can be accessed here:

Overall DISA focused on the operating systems we support, with no attention paid to the Office Suites.  There were significant changes made to Redhat 7’s STIG and consequently to the signature as well.  Windows 10/Server 2016 also had a fair number of changes.

Thank you for your continued use of the product.