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How do you meet federal mandates on STIG Compliance Automation for continuous monitoring and security-harden IP enabled systems? If it’s an IP enabled device it’s vulnerable and needs to be hardened.

Non-traditional IP enabled devices like weapon and tactical systems, power and industrial systems, and training and lab devices? SteelCoud developed ConfigOS with every device in mind.  Specifically developed to work in air-gapped environments, ConfigOS fortifies current tactical network cybersecurity, addressing three primary Department of Defense (DoD) challenges: inadequately secured tactical networks, large and expensive to deploy cybersecurity technologies, and the lack of trained cyber specialists available in the field – SteelCloud fills the gaps and strengthens security at all levels across the network.

The Department of Defense (DoD) introduced the Risk Management Framework (RMF in 2014 to assist federal agencies to better manage risks associated with operating an information system.  Federal agencies must now follow assessment standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). RMF regulates that systems be hardened to standard STIG and or Center for Information Security (CIS) benchmark.

ConfigOS addresses automated STIG compliance functions for both battlefield deployed systems as well as the training, simulation, and supports systems to better leverage their tactical assets and efficiencies for CEMA (cyber electromagnetic activities) situational awareness. Tactical systems present some unique challenges for most commercial software.

SteelCloud’s patented software, however, was developed with SteelCloud’s extensive experience with DoD environments. ConfigOS can effectively run in a completely air-gapped environment on a workgroup as small as a single system.  Our solution is extremely efficient, requiring a small system configuration and does not require a database, network, or web server.

ConfigOS can fill gaps in tactical network cybersecurity, and address three primary DoD challenges: tactical networks frequently are poorly secured; cybersecurity technologies are too large and expensive to deploy; there is a lack of trained cyber specialists rapidly available in the field.  An additional tactical concern is access control and identity management at all levels across the network, as there may be a mixture of cleared and uncleared users.

SteelCloud has years of experience in supporting government contractor programs.  Our SI clients rely on SteelCloud’s expertise and technology to accelerate RMF accreditations and meet ongoing IA mandates. Our ability to find a vulnerability in a system during the development cycle instead of the pre-deployment phase, enable us to help save thousands of dollars over an entire program lifecycle. ConfigOS saves time and money in development and sustainment.

Our software has also been chosen by 8 out of the top 10 federal IT integrators to support critical government programs.  Our contractor clients appreciate that they can achieve concrete results with ConfigOS the very first day.  And, because our software pays for itself the very first time it is used, it is a financially attractive alternative to manual or legacy processes for achieving accreditations and ongoing policy compliance.  Being simple to implement combined with high performance, ConfigOS is the perfect solution for programs involving 10s to 1000s of systems.