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29 Nov 2017
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What Makes ConfigOS RMF Accreditation So Successful?

ConfigOS – Rock Solid, Simple Risk Managment Framework Accreditation and STIG Compliance!
ConfigOS is an easy to use software environment for creating, implementing, and remediating security policy, such as the DISA STIG and the CIS benchmarks.
Risk Management Framework (RMF) requires that systems be hardened to standard STIG or CIS benchmarks to meet RMF Accreditation.

FastPath Policy Authoring – Accelerates RMF accreditation by hardening policy controls around an application environment in 60 minutes. ConfigOS is a flexible Policy Signature authoring system designed to quickly and easily create, tune and extend STIG policy controls. Each user can quicly meet the requirements of any application environment. Our software creates policies for secure baselines and manages STIG support for the entire STIG and application lifecycle. From the pre-production RMF and ATO and move to STIG and application production remediation. Now each customer can harden every CAT I/II/III control around an application in typically less than 60 minutes with combined ConfigOS and FastPath sofware. Traditionaly it takes days, weeks, and often months to do this manually. ConfigOS evn has remediation rollback and special functionality to “bake” STIG POAMs waivers into its remediation process.

High Performance Scanning and Automated Remediation – The fastest, most complete STIG scanner available. It is the “easy button” for automated STIG remediation. ConfigOS STIG 360 manages the complete STIG lifecycle of an application environment. Our breakthrough technology automatically “fixes” STIG policy non-compliances for Windows and Linux systems. ConfigOS can scan 3,000 to 5,000 endpoints per hour and remediate 1,000 to 3,000 endpoints per hour from a single instance. Add additional instances of ConfigOS and increase capacity even more. SteelCloud provides tested, documented content for STIG compliance.

Comprehensive Compliance Reporting – ConfigOS offers easy to use XML compliance reporting. Our software solution provides comprehensive enterprise and individual endpoint XML-based compliance reporting. Additionally, ConfigOS also produces XCCDF output for easy integration with STIG Viewer.

Government Use Cases – Currently ConfigOS  operates in the – physical and virtualized – connected and disconnected – private, cloud, and tactical – unclassified and classified – DoD, Federal Civilian, and Vendor.
ConfigOS is agent-less and does not require changes to endpoint application stacks or adding infrastructure. No internet, web and database and or license servers, no domain controllers or changes in Active Directory, and no STIG waivers. ConfigOS effectively operates in both large and small networks, classified environments, labs, disconnected networks, tactical environments, and FedRamp clouds.

ConfigOS is easy to buy – Available on GSA and other BPAs.