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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2022

December 5, 2022

From Zero Trust to eMASS compliance, 2022 was a year filled with new challenges for cybersecurity teams. Based on the posts you read most, you’re interested not just in automation, but how much automation you need and what is the best use of it. SteelCloud has all the answers in these five popular posts.

  1. Compliance Scanners Only do Part of the Job. Look beyond tools that only do scanning and graduate to solutions that automate the entire scanning, remediation and reporting process.
  2. Integrating CKL, eMASS and SIEM Data with Automation. Learn how tp automate eMASS efforts by merging manual and machine generated checklist data, automating the input of compliance data into eMASS and providing checklist data to SIEM.
  3. To Trust or Not to Trust the Answer is Both. Getting to Zero Trust may mean you have to trust a third-party partner to achieve—and maintain—a secure baseline.
  4. Make Checklist Work More Agile with eMASS Automation. Automation can remove the burden of eMASS compliance and help you clarify the big picture of your security efforts.
  5. STIG Compliance and ConfigOS a Partnership Built for Speed. Increase the velocity of your hardening efforts and simplify the overall process with ConfigOS.
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