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April 30, 2020

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So, You Need to Get CMMC Certified. Now What?

If you’re a federal contractor and you want to do business with the DoD, you will soon need Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) certification. This designation is an amalgamation of multiple requirements that currently exist—such as NIST 800-171—with additional controls required to keep contractor systems secure now and into the future.

SteelCloud’s ConfigOS software automates the scanning and remediation of voluminous STIG controls that are a requirement of CMMC, starting primarily with Level 2 and above.  You will begin to see CMMC referenced in RFIs as early as June 2020, and new RFPs will have this as either a requirement or key differentiator when the fiscal year starts in October 2020. Depending upon which level your firm needs to be certified to, the requirements carry different levels of regulatory burden.

Top 5 Ways SteelCloud Software Helps Ease Your CMMC Burden

In addition to automating the process of scanning and remediating STIG controls while reducing effort by as much as 90%, ConfigOS can:

  1. Harden your internal systems to CMMC standards to maintain uninterrupted, good business standing with the DoD during the CMMC transition.
  2. Establish a consistent, automated, documented, ongoing process for scanning and remediating internal systems to stay compliant year over year.
  3. Reduce hundreds of hours of the compliance burden and associated costs to achieve CMMC compliance.
  4. Enable existing internal support staff to perform Information Assurance compliance tasks that they may be unfamiliar with.
  5. Establish a competitive advantage for bidding RFPs where CMMC is not initially mandatory, but highly recommended.

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Additionally, if you are uncertain about what is required and how to assess and document in preparation for CMMC? Check out these STIG & CMMC Control Matrix documents for Windows 2016 and Red Hat 7. These documents show the crosswalk between the 800-53 controls fulfilled by the STIGs and how they map to CMMC levels:




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