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Use Case: ConfigOS Automated Hardening Solution

July 29, 2021

SteelCloud’s ConfigOS automated hardening solution enables mission-critical software applications to maintain compliance with comprehensive security baselines.

ConfigOS is SteelCloud’s automated security policy remediation solution. This easy to implement software product is designed to simplify the process of achieving, maintaining, and continuously delivering a defect-free, policy-compliant environment. ConfigOS allows mission-critical software applications to perform reliably, while maintaining compliance with comprehensive security baselines.

In government and commercial environments, ConfigOS scans, identifies and remediates issues in significantly less time than by using manual processes. ConfigOS is agent-less and does not require changes to endpoint software stacks. SteelCloud designed ConfigOS to operate effectively in the most complex and secure environments. ConfigOS does not require internet connectivity, web servers, database servers, or license servers. It currently operates in cloud, lab and tactical environments; including both classified and unclassified networks.

The following use case have been proven in some of the world’s demanding computing environments.

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