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Use Case: How SI’s Achieve Faster ATOs with SteelCloud

August 1, 2021

8 of the Top Federal Integrators Use Automated STIG Compliance to Achieve Faster ATOs

Contracting for the federal government has many challenges you won’t find in the private sector. And one of them is meeting information assurance requirements. For example, all DoD software and systems must meet Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) requirements before achieving FedRAMP authority to operate (ATO). Simply put, if it can’t meet the STIG requirements, your solution can’t be implemented.

Over the years, the process of scanning and remediating security controls has been manual, costing thousands of specialized person hours annually and overtaxing finite resources. In most instances, automation efforts have been scattershot, using custom scripts that can break application stacks and remain operationally costly to maintain. Meanwhile, these efforts are unfunded, delivering incomplete ROI and robbing margin from even the best systems integrators. Only one solution has emerged to address all the roadblocks and protect both data and budgets reliably.


There are undeniably lucrative benefits for FedRAMP authorized CSPs. The FedRAMP authorization process is a long and complex beast, but getting through it is absolutely critical for commercial organizations who want to provide any sort of cloud-based product or service to federal agencies. Deploying automated STIG compliance…

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